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We’ve done some work to upgrade our CPD-accredited advisory certification course. With product updates and industry changes happening constantly, we strive to keep our educational tools sharp and up to date. Focusing on a smooth user-experience for you, we also divided up the course to fit the needs of accountants at any level. And you’ll get certificates throughout to keep you motivated.

We know for some firms advisory is still a bit of an enigma. So to help you embrace this new way of working, and make it work for your firm, we’ve updated our course to make sure everyone can become an advisor. Pick and choose the relevant sections or embrace the entire curriculum to continue your learning. This qualification will make you stand out from the rest, so bring with you an open mind and a thirst for knowledge.

Redefining certification

More than 40% of our business owner customers come to us directly, without an advisor. This shows business owners are actively seeking forecasting. Out of these customers (CEOs, CFOs, MDs, startup founders, etc), 97% come to us for forecasting first and 80% are preparing forecasts without an advisor. If you offer this service, the extra business and fee-earning potential is massive. And it puts you right on the cutting edge of the accountancy industry.

Learning how to break down information and present it in digestible ways is the mark of a great advisor. We’ll ensure you can do this, and future-proof client businesses, so you can work together towards a stronger future. Adding value to businesses is now a requirement. Hopefully you’ve already automated traditional practices, so have the time to really get to know your clients and help them succeed.

This kind of financial information is becoming what business owners actively seek out from firms. So, we’ve made the updated course as engaging and user-friendly as possible.

Empowering your firm

We’ve made amendments to reflect the recent updates to our platform, and made the course more accessible to ensure accountants of every level can become advisors. Our upgraded program contains a free introductory foundation level, perfect for accountants new to advisory, and three further paid courses offering everything you need to know to become a certified Futrli advisor. These are:

  • Reporting level course – covering reporting functions including dashboards, PDF reports, alerts, etc.
  • Forecasting level course – basic and advanced forecasting modules
  • Practice level course – partner-level courses, focused on a top-down overview

Advisory certification is designed to be a hands-on learning experience which gets under the hood of why and how to be advisors. It’s a new skill you can sell and it will guide your firm past roadblocks that have prevented profitability from advisory services in the past. Previously, we created a linear journey towards advisory, but now we’ve upgraded the course, it’s the perfect way to upskill everyone in your team.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the courses…

Foundation level

This brand new free course is for everyone. Introducing you to Futrli, giving an overview of the very basics of the platform, and a five-step getting started module, this is the precursor to your advisory qualification. We cover:

  • Your journey
  • Your client’s journey
  • Why you’re becoming a Futrli certified advisor
  • How Futrli certification works
  • What is covered in certification
  • Which modules are best suited to you

This foundation level course shows how certification works, how it’s laid out and what’s expected of you. Perfect if you’re considering taking the next step in your advisory journey, become a foundation-certified advisor and find out what else you can learn.

Forecasting level

Futrli is synonymous with forecasting because we believe so strongly in the power of looking ahead. Give your clients a window into their future, no matter the size or maturity of their business. We take you through basic forecasting, covering budgets, trend predictions, 3-way cashflow forecasting and forecasting vs actuals. Into intermediate forecasting, which includes scenario planning, linked scenarios, and non-financial data, right up to advanced forecasting. You’ll learn complex modelling and consolidated forecasting.

Reporting level

Taking reporting to the next level using live dashboards and real-time data, Futrli lets you do more for your clients. From diagnosing the health of your clients’ finances to explaining the different elements in a company’s accounts, reporting certification will help you master the platform. Custom reporting, live dashboards, month-end, PDF reports, and more are covered in this section of certification.

Practice level

This part of the course is partner level, helping you master the platform and take on board best practice for various tasks. You need to look at how you’ll present your new offerings internally and externally, and that’s what you’ll learn here. The practice level certification takes you on a journey. It shows the best way to price your services, internal rollout, handling internal objections, scaling externally, and selling advisory services. The transformation of an industry is something to be taken seriously and needs a strong strategy to succeed. Look at what we’ve learnt from our community of advisors and see if it works for you.


No matter what level you’re at, certification has you covered. Learn proactively to raise your skillset, and that of your firm, and use the Futrli platform to sate client requests and demands.

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