Futrli Secures VC Funding

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e.ventures, Notion & firstminute VC firm logos all sat below a Futrli logo on an orange and pink gradient background to help announce funding.

Our team at Futrli are thrilled to announce a successful £4m Series A funding raise from leading venture capital firms e.ventures, Notion Capital and firstminute Capital.

Bootstrapped with no external funding to date, we already support over 40,000 businesses and 1,100 accountants in 130 countries. Only four years into our journey, we’re extremely proud of this. However, as always, we’re looking to the future. Our next quest will involve us moving the needle on the small business economy, which spans over 130 million businesses globally.

“At Futrli our sole purpose is to change how small businesses make decisions and take the right action. This investment will be put to brilliant use, innovating and evolving the platform to revolutionise how small business teams work. We are also expanding our team in our core markets and will be opening in new locations within the next few months, which is hugely exciting,” says Hannah Dawson, our Founder and CEO.

Futrli was born from my own experience as a small business owner. I needed a way to run my business that looked to the future, as making decisions is hard and full of risk when you haven’t got all of the information in one place.

We’re welcoming Giles Palmer, CEO of leading business intelligence company Brandwatch, as Chairman of the newly formed Futrli Board. With him, Palmer brings significant experience and capability in the global expansion of category leading businesses.

Joining Palmer on the Futrli Board is Jos White, General Partner at Notion. Jos says, “We’re very excited about Futrli’s vision. They have already built a fantastic bootstrapped business led by the dynamic Hannah Dawson, and we are very eager to see where the business can go with this injection of funding.”

Christian Miele, Partner at e.venture adds, “Hannah Dawson and her team tapped into a niche that could change the direction of decision-making forever. Most accounting software today dwells into historic data points, whereas Futrli unlocks the power of the future to help SMEs make better decisions.” Miele also joins the Futrli Board.

Our own Hannah Dawson, Futrli Founder and CEO, and Helen Cockle, Futrli COO, also join the Futrli Board. Both filled with passion, pride and experience, they’re leading the pursuit of Futrli’s evolution and growth.

We’re extremely thankful for the support from our VC partners. We’re evolving; innovating our platform, expanding our team into key markets and opening offices in new locations. We have big plans to change the game for small businesses.

Additionally, we’re thankful for the support our customers, staff and supporters have shown us over the last four years. It’s already been quite the ride and we hope you’ll join in on our excitement as we move forward!

Date: October 23rd 2018

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