Automated business monitoring for complete control

Our integrated business alerts trigger the minute something changes, keeping your business safe.

A white MacBook container that shows a business alerts dashboard in Futrli where a good news alert has been triggered because the business has made more money than expected and a bad news alert has been triggered as debtor days has exceeded a limit, and on the screen it says 5 alerts are triggered.

Alerts give you the flexibility and freedom to monitor good news or bad news for any account, account category, KPIs, cumulative value alerts, transactional value alerts, multiple date ranges, and more. Receive notifications in-app, via email or, for accountants, via Xero HQ.

Set warning thresholds

Get notified before alerts trigger with warning thresholds which inform when a limit or target is close to occurring.

Xero HQ integration

Get notified of key changes in your Xero HQ activity feed with simple, one-click authorisation between Futrli and Xero HQ.

Email & in-app notifications

Be informed when a business has exceeded a set limit or achieved a desired target with email or in-app notifications.

KPI alerts

Create formula and KPI alerts to stay abreast of changes in key metrics, such as gross profit or wages to sales.

It's not all about the bad news

We present areas that are in need of attention first. Warning alerts are presented next, to help you move away from the danger zone. Finally, our good news alerts. Any alert that is within the realms of safety will appear here, delivering peace of mind.

A browser container that shows the attention, warning and safe alerts of multiple businesses in Futrli.
A white iPhone X container displaying the alerts notifications of a business, which has 13 that need attention and a breakdown of exactly what needs to be dealt with and acts as a safety net for business monitoring.

Keep your business healthy

Alerts give you a fantastic overview of all of the key metrics that matter, and their state. Check into your alerts every day, then check your reporting dashboards to understand the detail behind them. We take business monitoring to the next level.

24/7 business monitoring

Use the warning alerts to mitigate your risk and draw the attention needed to your business-critical KPIs. Set warning % thresholds to the key personnel who have control over those business areas. Formula alerts help you control GP and wage % too.

A white iPhone X container that has an email alet on the screen telling the user that their alert has been triggered and they can log straight back in to see what's happened in more detail by following a button, saving them time and energy checking everything.
An alerts dashboard in a grey iMac container that shows the business' Futrli account has got 5 notifications that need attention.

Business alerts help accountants be proactive advisors

We make it easy to analyse and monitor your clients’ businesses on one real-time alerts dashboard. Helping you to offer business advisory services with ease, this is the tool you need to start conversations with your clients around their numbers.

Select your plan

Select your plan

Whether you are a small business who wants to solve the pain of running the numbers, or an accounting firm who wants to delight their clients with real help, we have a plan for you.

Single business

  • Our PAYG plan
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited forecasts
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Online support
$ 49.99 /Per month per org
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CFO or bookkeeper

  • Our Bronze plan
  • Up to 20 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 1
  • Online support
$ 299 /Per month
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Small advisory

  • Our Silver plan
  • Up to 75 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 3
  • Online support
$ 525 /Per month
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Mid-size advisory

  • Our Gold plan
  • Up to 200 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 5
  • Online support
$ 750 /Per month
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