Automated business monitoring for complete control

Integrated alerts that trigger the minute something changes in the business.

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Features & benefits

Set Warning Thresholds

Get notified before alerts trigger with warning thresholds which inform when a limit or target is close to occurring.

KPI Alerts

Create Formula and KPI alerts to stay abreast of changes in key metrics, such as Gross Profit or Wages to Sales.

Xero HQ Integration

Get notified of key business changes in your Xero HQ activity feed with simple, one-click authorisation between FUTRLI and Xero HQ.

Email & in-app Notifications

Be informed when a business has exceeded a set limit or achieved a desired target with email or in-app notifications.

Unlimited Alerts

Build unlimited alerts to monitor changes in financial and non-financial data.

Alerts Dashboard

Easily manage alerts for multiple businesses in a clear and concise alerts dashboard.

James Solomons, MD of Aptus Accounting & Advisory (Head of Accounting for Xero)

"If a client is moving into a red zone with cash flow we are alerted as it happens and can address the issue before it gets critical. We can react and that was simply impossible before. You’d find out at the end of a month or quarter when it was too late."

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