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Business Monitoring While You Sleep

It's not easy to switch off when you're worrying about cashflow or hitting your KPIs. Our powerful alerts will keep you instantly informed of things to celebrate or risks to avoid.

Reasons we think you'll love automated alerts

Just in case more certainty, control and reduced eye-bags aren't enough...

Set and Forget Automation

You have enough to remember. Ease the pressure and start running your business on auto-pilot with Alerts.

Current and Predictive Alerts

It's a 360º picture of your business today and tomorrow. High Sales incoming? Gross Profit % decreasing? Find out as or before it happens with Current and Predictive Alerts.

Completely Unlimited Monitoring

Monitor what matters to you, from KPIs to Forecasts, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annually. It's your business, accept no restrictions.

Email, In-App or Both?

Keep you and your team informed of what matters to your business by email, in-app or both. Decide how per person and per alert.

"FUTRLI has saved me 90% of my time. Seriously... With FUTRLI, I spend less than 10% on EVERYTHING!"

Jim Shirley, FD of Fourpure

Transactional or Cumulative

Enjoy true control. Create an alert when your Cash Flow exceeds £50k in a week or when your overall Balance hits a million. You decide.

Formula and KPI Alerts

Want to monitor Wages to Sales? You can. Tax as a percentage of overheads? You can! Your own crazy, bespoke formula, tailored just for you? You can do that too.

Warning Thresholds

Don't wait until it's too late, be alerted before it happens with Warning thresholds that ensure your never miss a beat.

Command Centre Dashboard

See a visual overview of every alert that matters to your business/s in one place. It's your business command centre.

James Solomons, MD of Aptus Accounting & Advisory (Head of Accounting for Xero)

"If a client is moving into a red zone with cash flow we are alerted as it happens and can address the issue before it gets critical. We can react and that was simply impossible before. You’d find out at the end of a month or quarter when it was too late."

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