FUTRLI integrates with Xero
FUTRLI integrates with QuickBooks
Upload data into FUTRLI from CSV

Your Budget is Your Business Map

Budgeting is an essential first step and the foundation of your business planning. Ensure you reach your destination with advanced forecasting in the cloud.

Budget-blowing features (without the price tag)

Yes you're reading this correctly all of this comes as standard with FUTRLI

Available on any device

Well...not quite. FUTRLI won't work with a fax machine but smartphone, desktops and tablets are all systems go.


When you're using Google Maps, you expect it to be up-to-date so you can stay on the right path. Your business is no different. That's why FUTRLI auto-updates with Xero & QuickBooks.

Track Your Assumptions

Easily communicate your predicted financial position, cash flows and goals by recording and sense checking your expectations.

Powerful Formulas

Are advertising expenses 5% more than last year? Have you factored in all staff costs? Our powerful formula library gives you pre-built templates or you can go freestyle.

"It’s the sense checking, the confidence and the reassurance that I love about FUTRLI."

Ben Norman, CEO of Koozai

Performance vs Target

If you don't put your stake in the stand, how will you know how you're progressing? With FUTRLI your expectations and actuals are compared in one place.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly...

Set goals and manage your team or departments across the time periods that your business really needs, with flexible forecasting and reporting options, from Daily and Weekly, to Monthly and more.

Review Performance

The more accurately you can predict your company’s performance, the more certain you can be that you have deployed your resources appropriately to achieve your goals. Don't wait until year-end

Unlimited Budgets

Yes, really. Whether you want 5 budgets or 55, we've got you covered. Create copies and start again. Visually compare them side by side on Dashboards too.

Ian Laing-Bennett, Owner of Laing-Bennett

"FUTRLI is helping us look at different ways that we can do things: when we can hire staff, what effect does that staff have on the bottom line, etc. It’s definitely saved us money because we can now look at our budgets in a more in-depth way. We can see where we need to make savings, if we renegotiate with one of our suppliers, we can pump that straight into a scenario and we know straight away what the result is going to be. FUTRLI takes looking at our budget to the next level."

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