Set a budget that really works for your business

Our forecasting and reporting software gives you clear business budgeting for certainty on every decision.

A representation of a live business budget in Futrli held in a white iMac frame with two pink, one blue and one yellow graph lines showing the progress of a business towards its budget.

Creating budgets in Futrli can be done by using historical data, using a blank canvas or from trends. No matter your preferred method, you can rely on it being accurate and up to date, as we pull in data automatically from your cloud accounting package.

Import budgets & forecasts

If you have an existing budget, get it into Futrli! Don't repeat the work you've already done. Upload easily from Xero, QBO or any budgeting tool or spreadsheet.

Create budgets from trends

Use historic business data to quickly produce budgets that take into account seasonality to allow exploration into the impact of revenue or cost, growth and contraction.

Duplicate budgets & explore what-ifs

Copy existing budgets and easily make adjustments if assumptions change. Visualise the impact of different budgeting decisions to determine the best option for the business.

Flexible custom payment terms

Accurately project the cash flow impact of budgeting decisions with flexible payment terms. Model split payments, prepayments and accruals.

A 2 year scenario budget graph in Futrli inside a browser container that shows why businesses need a budget with a graph and a table below it for an SEO company.

Why do I even need a business budget?

Plan: Every business needs a budget to plot the income and expenses for the months ahead.

Build: Building a budget in Futrli is simple whether you are a business owner or an accountant.

Monitor: Monitor and track business performance with real-time data in live dashboards.

Action: Make clearer and more informed business decisions that get results.  

Nurture the movement of your cashflow

In Futrli you can see clearly what you think your business will achieve (budget) and what your business is actually doing (forecast). Track performance vs budget with live actual data sourced from your cloud accountancy package. Learn the difference between a budget and a forecast.

A representation of a live business budget in Futrli held within a white MacBook container with a graph with blue, pink and yellow lines above a table of numbers.
A grey iMac container that shows organisation settings within Futrli with the option to change GST/VAT period frequency, the last day of the GST/VAT period, the option to set the accounts receivable, payable, the default bank account and whether the business pays GST or VAT.

How we're different to Xero & QuickBooks budgets

Bring any existing business budgets you have into Futrli, and turn them into cashflow forecasts. Each account line can have a default GST/VAT% attached to it. Set up multiple forecasts per account and different assumptions at invoice and payment level.

Having flexibility over your business and data is essential

We pull in your existing accounts and let you rearrange and group them for a clear view of your forecast and actual data. Reorder your Chart of Accounts as you see fit, creating groups within groups within groups if needed.

An Investor's view report of actual vs budget data with pink and orange graph bars and a table below for more information all inside an iPhone X container.

Select your plan

Select your plan

Whether you are a small business who wants to solve the pain of running the numbers, or an accounting firm who wants to delight their clients with real help, we have a plan for you.

Single business

  • Our PAYG plan
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited forecasts
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Online support
$ 49.99 /Per month per org
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CFO or bookkeeper

  • Our Bronze plan
  • Up to 20 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 1
  • Online support
$ 299 /Per month
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Small advisory

  • Our Silver plan
  • Up to 75 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 3
  • Online support
$ 525 /Per month
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Mid-size advisory

  • Our Gold plan
  • Up to 200 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 5
  • Online support
$ 750 /Per month
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