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All-inclusive Business Planning

FUTRLI will challenge everything you think you know about business plans. It's not static or separated - this is the past, present and future transforming insight into action.

Features you won't want to live without

If you're anything like us, when you learn there's an easier way, you'll be all over it

Integrated and Actionable

Your accounts package, forecast and business plan should not exist separately (even worse, rely on you to glue them together "as and when"). Working as one you can control cash, avoid risk and accelerate growth.

3-Way Forecasting

Your P&L is only one third of the puzzle. Without your balance sheet and cash flow your business plan isn't giving you the full picture. Forecasting is at the heart of FUTRLI - what have you planned to achieve and how have you achieved it?

Financial & Non Financial

What non-financial business drivers are making all the difference to your P&L or balance sheet? Forecasts, Management Dashboards, Printed Reports for the Bank or Investors all rely on the full picture which is exactly how FUTRLI operates.

Unlimited, Unrestricted Planning

Create concrete plans or spin off scenarios with ease so you can focus your time and resource on what matters, when it matters. Create unlimited plans for any time period - daily, weekly, monthly - you decide.

"It’s very valuable, very easy to use, the entire team were incredibly helpful and knew exactly what they were doing."

Michael Tyrell, Director of Bea-utiful Design & Print

Report Templates

Whether you need industry dashboards focusing on the most popular KPIs or an investor report to share with shareholders and the bank, if you struggle with a blank canvas our templates will focus your mind. Adopt them completely or use them to get you started before you customise.

Visualise Trends

Graph your entire progress and get everyone on the same page (even the number illiterate!). FUTRLI allows you to tell a story and break down barriers so everyone how can affect the figures is involved with making a difference.

Business Monitoring

Has Wage percentage risen above the business threshold this week? Are Debtor days hitting an unacceptable level this quarter? We'll keep you informed via email or in-app about good or bad changes

10 Year Plans

A lot can change in 10 years but that doesn't mean you don't need to look ahead, we've got you covered for the next decade.

Sarah Jones, Founder of Moneypad

"How many times have you heard a Bank Manager enthusiastically say that they’re “blown away” with a business plan and forecast? We’ve prepared many of these but even we hadn’t received such feedback until we started using FUTRLI. She was flabbergasted and the client was delighted."

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