A white MacBook laptop container with a live business plan in Futrli represented on the screen, showing revenue growth during expansion phase in a chart and graph, and profit and loss in a chart and graph.

Advanced business planning

Detailed, flexible business planning for startups right through to established firms.

Business planning is one thing but sticking to it is another. In our forecasting and reporting software, business planning is made easy. Lay out your plan using scenario and performance dashboards. Combine with actual data to make better business decisions.

Add commentary

Annotate the assumptions which have been taken when building a business plan and share internally and externally.

Create from trends

Build forecasts fast using historical business data. Quickly assign growth rates or fixed increases or decreases that account for seasonality.

Line-by-line assumptions

Accurately model the future of the business with unlimited forecast items. The more you can visualise, the more empowered you become.

Import from spreadsheets

Use existing, spreadsheet budgets, plans or forecasts to get started and then customise further in Futrli.

Business plan report in a white iPhone X container that shows revenue growth over a period in a chart and graph, with profit and loss at the bottom.

Don't lose sight of the real picture

Sales are the heartbeat of your business. They’ll probably be one of the first KPIs you look to every day or week. How are they tracking against your forecast? Report and monitor progress to keep your cash position healthy.

Get a glimpse of your future

Prepare and regularly update a cashflow forecast for at least the next 9 – 12 months. Remember, the most important line in the cashflow is the sales assumptions, as the result will have a direct impact on cash. For accountants, this is a great way to step into the advisory space.

Business plan dashboard in Futrli in a browser screen that shows revenue growth during expansion phase for a business and its profit and loss, both in charts so business owners can see their progress towards their goals.
A white iMac container with a Futrli live business report titled Investor's View which shows profit and loss projection, debt monitor, actual vs budget and the business' return on assets.

Simple or complex business planning

Copy your budget or forecast and flex for different business outcomes in seconds. Multiple scenarios can give you deeper insights. Sharing your data with your team will help you work towards common goals. See how you’re performing today with ease.

Select your plan

Select your plan

Our single business package gives you full app functionality and the perfect set up for a business owner. Futrli Limited and Futrli Unlimited are perfect for bookkeepers and accounting firms. When you have client businesses to serve, you can offer best in breed reporting, forecasting and advisory with our full toolkit. And, we get you off to a flying start with our tailored implementation programme and dedicated ongoing customer success management.

Single business

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  • Unlimited users
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Futrli Limited

  • For accountants
  • Up to 20 small businesses
  • Practice strategy
  • Online support
$ 325 /monthly
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Futrli Unlimited

  • For accountants
  • Unlimited businesses
  • Practice strategy
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