Business planning made easy

Forecasting and reporting are key, and live business planning will help you take your business to the next level.

A white iMac container with a Futrli live business report titled Investor's View which shows profit and loss projection, debt monitor, actual vs budget and the business' return on assets.

After spending years grappling with spreadsheets, we designed Futrli to work hard for small businesses and accountants. Whatever you’re using it for, Futrli makes planning a breeze.

A white iPhone X graphic container that shows a Health Ceck dashboard on the screen which is used by Futrli advisors to help their clients identify opportunities and problems in their businesses.

Create a plan that works for you

Creating a projection based upon last year’s data is a great place to start. If nothing changes from last year, it’ll show you whether your business is growing, flat-lining or running out of cash. This type of forecast is just an overview – a health check.

Understand your costs

Have a think about which costs you have control over and need to report on. These might be base wages/salaries, rent, rates, insurance, etc. Variable costs are directly linked to your sales and are part of your GP, so they go in next.

A white MacBook laptop container that shows Futrli on the screen, displaying a high level costs graph that helps an SEO company to see what they're spending and when.
A browser window with Futrli forecasting options on the screen, used to make sure business owners are seeing the right things to make great decisions and help their businesses move forwards.

Forecasting your sales

We let you create multiple forecast lines for every account. This delivers two primary things:

  1. Complete visibility over every layer of your revenue.
  2. Each forecast line can have different credit terms. When you expect your customers to pay you is critical to projecting an accurate cashflow.

Step away from the spreadsheets!

You don’t have to prepare a separate cashflow every time you save a forecast line. Automating every step of the process saves you hours, delivers clarity over every transaction’s movement and where you forecast your business will be today, and in the future.

Two browser windows stacked on top of each other, the bottom one a green coloured spreadsheet representation and the top one Futrli's graphs and tables, showing how much easier Futrli is to run a business than spreadsheets.

Rich, visual, flexible reports

The impact of your transactions across the P&L, balance sheet and cashflow statement, all VAT/GST activity and your cash position chart, is automatically calculated in the scenario, and in any card (report) that you subsequently set up. This puts you in a great position to grow in the coming period using live, real-time data.

Select your plan

Select your plan

Our single business package gives you full app functionality and the perfect set up for a business owner. Futrli Limited and Futrli Unlimited are perfect for bookkeepers and accounting firms. When you have client businesses to serve, you can offer best in breed reporting, forecasting and advisory with our full toolkit. And, we get you off to a flying start with our tailored implementation programme and dedicated ongoing customer success management.

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Futrli Limited

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Futrli Unlimited

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Business planning made easy - Futrli
Business planning made easy - Futrli