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FUTRLI integrates with QuickBooks
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See Your Business in Colour

Don't settle for shades of grey. FUTRLI's powerful reporting gives you the clear insights you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Features, features, features

Imagine our reporting engine like an iceberg, this list shows you the tip of what can be achieved

Automated Business Reporting

Sync with Xero or Quickbooks once, we'll do the rest. We'll keep your accounts package in sync with FUTRLI for you. If you've set up a monthly or quarterly report, it's ready for you. Hours and hours of wasted time instantly saved.

Custom & Template Formulas & KPIs

Use our templates or create your own. You can copy Formulas across reports (even different businesses) and work with both financial and non-financial business drivers, allowing you to report on what matters to you without hours of admins.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly...

You can slice and dice your data anyway you need. We won't restrict the time period you want to analyse.

Past, Present & Future

You can't get a grip on your business if you're chasing around for information. To really protect your business and avoid nasty surprises you need to look at the full picture. FUTRLI is everything you need, in one place.

“This just makes it so much easier to see how the business is going.”

Anthony Baker, Owner of Combi Cafe

Financial and Non-Financial

Your business isn't one or the other so your reporting can't be either. All your business drivers, whether you can to cross compare them in formulas or forecasts are working harder together to give you more answers.

Printed Report Builder

So beautiful you'll want to share them and super simple to produce. Use our templates, create your own, copy them and scale up with automation. For banks, investors, your team - the past, present and future all in one place and...stress free!

Sharing & Collaboration

Running a connected, forward-thinking business means you cannot work in silos. You have full control over how you share the numbers - from read only to edit permissions - it's really simple to work together.


Accounts packages allow you to track the performance of various branches, departments or franchises but they don't allow you to report on it beautifully...but, that was the point! FUTRLI allows you to report and visualise on all this detail so you can turn data into decisions.

Karen Reyburn, MD of The Profitable Firm

"We love the FUTRLI visual impact. As a photographer and artist myself, I can understand a list of numbers, but it’s fairly dull. I trained as an accountant and know my way around a set of accounts, but as a business owner I don’t have the time or inclination to go back to that way of thinking. I want to know the interesting things, the critical numbers, and I love seeing the little coloured lines go up and up and up!"

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