Report on your data in real time

Manage your company accurately with online business reporting dashboards.

A call centre business reporting dashboard in Futrli inside an iMac desktop container with revenue per call in a chart, target vs actual in a table, closed call percentage in a chart, and a value of closed pie chart.

Our automatic feed from your accounts package makes reporting quick and simple. Personalise templates to your business, or create your own bespoke reports. Solve problems as they occur and seize opportunities as soon as they arise. Share with ease because collaboration gets the best results.

Financials, non-financials and KPIs

Report on the financial and non-financial information that matters to your business. Create your own or utilise custom KPIs and formulas to keep full control over the inner workings of your company.

Departmental reporting

Enable departmental reporting in your accounts package and let the fun begin. See the performance of various branches, departments or franchises, linking to the tracking categories or classes in your accounting system.

Complete customisation

Make sure your reports fit the needs of your business with easily customisable charts, graphs and tables. Use custom grouping if you have more than one business, to meet the needs of each of your organisations.

Add commentary

Great for accountants or for business presentations, explain reports and add annotations to individual charts and tables. This helps you discuss results of a business’ progress, whether you’re talking to your team, board of directors or if you’re an accountant guiding your clients.

Beautifully presented, error-free financials

The majority of spreadsheet errors are from human input and could have been avoided. They take time to maintain and, as companies grow, sharing that data becomes difficult. That’s why our forecasting and reporting platform pulls in data automatically.

A white MacBook with a business reporting dashboard in Futrli on the screen for a call centre, with value of closed in a piechart, closed call percentage in a chart, time on call percentage, revenue per call and the average call duration.
Call centre business report on iPhone X mobile in Futrli showing a doughnut chart of the average call duration broken down per person.

Live dashboards for live businesses

Historical reporting doesn’t help you move forward. They’re out of date before you’ve even had time to discuss them. Our forecasting and reporting capabilities show progress clearly and simply. And our dashboards are flexible, so you regain full control.

PDFs for the official day to day

Produce beautiful PDF management reports from existing dashboards, pre-built templates or create from scratch. Customise how your data displays, with flexible page layouts, charts, tables and data options, so are perfect for board or bank meetings.

Three printed PDF management reports from Futrli stacked on top of each other with representations of business progress in charts, graphs and tables.
A benchmark report for a web company in an iPhone X container that shows the business' progress against a target with a green bar chart and below it is the start of another report.

Have more than one business?

Futrli allows you to consolidate and group organisations from any accountancy package, for top-level reporting. Maintain financial accuracy with inter-company eliminations and benchmark standards for your other ventures, all in one place. Forecasting and reporting for multiple businesses couldn’t be easier.

Measure your core metrics in your business reporting

You need to have visibility over your custom KPIs so add them to your reports. Include net income, net cash movement and closing cash KPIs for fantastic visibility over the health of your business as you prepare your future predictions.

A grey iMac container that shows a Futrli recruitment report with a graph displaying performance vs targets and a table below it, net income against target, and a monthly breakdown of sales staff performance.

Select your plan

Select your plan

Our single business package gives you full app functionality and the perfect set up for a business owner. Futrli Limited and Futrli Unlimited are perfect for bookkeepers and accounting firms. When you have client businesses to serve, you can offer best in breed reporting, forecasting and advisory with our full toolkit. And, we get you off to a flying start with our tailored implementation programme and dedicated ongoing customer success management.

Single business

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Futrli Limited

  • For accountants
  • Up to 20 small businesses
  • Practice strategy
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Futrli Unlimited

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