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Why every business needs Futrli

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Your time is precious and if you need an answer to a business question, you need it to be served fast.

Futrli integrates your accounting data with where you want your business to go, to give you a clear picture of cash and performance today.

Take control

Sometimes it’s easier to put your head in the sand instead of tackling the future face on.

With 45% of SMEs failing for cashflow reasons, we want to help redress that balance. Use Futrli to forecast automatically and explore unlimited scenarios to arrive at the right decisions.

Personalise everything

Your business is unique. Get business insights that feel familiar to you, not the year-end accounts that you may get served.

By customising your business in Futrli, you can drive insights in your data that you may not have known were there.

Every business needs a working plan, irrespective of size or turnover

It’s hard to keep a plan relevant and up to date. Now you or your accountant can create your ‘sat nav’ plan, which can reflect the changes that are happening in your business every month, easily.

A simple budget that helps you track your expected sales and expenditure can now be powered up to instantly track your cash too.

Start simply and layer in the detail as you become comfortable. It’s ok not to be an expert, as Futrli’s layout will guide you through forecasting revenue and expenses, as well as protecting you from pitfalls. We don’t forget about those items lurking in your balance sheet. Sales tax calculations are automated, and there things like loan wizards too. Nothing will be forgotten.

We grow and scale with you

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been running your business for years, Futrli is the platform for you. And for advanced, or power Excel users, the time-saving and visibility that you have with Futrli puts labour-intensive spreadsheets to bed.

Actual data is automatically updated, and integrated, powerful visualisation helps your collaborators understand your assumptions easily. If your business is more complex, we have you covered too. Automated calculations, multiple forecasting methods, custom payment terms, departmental & project forecasting, multiple assumptions per account line, what-if scenarios, linked scenarios and more.

More heads are better than one

Magic happens when you collaborate.

Whether you’re working with your team or your advisor, simple or complex business planning tasks have never been so easy. Different departments can forecast their own performance, and Futrli will roll them together.

As the data pulls through automatically, reports are always ready to go and ready to share in an instant. Use live dashboards for today’s performance, or where you think this month or year is going to land. For your more formal meetings, use the PDF wizard for slick management reports or business plans.

Features & Benefits

Smart forecasting that scales with you

Every business needs a plan, irrespective of size or turnover. Whether you need to make simple plans or big strategic decisions, Futrli’s integrated platform makes any planning easy.

A complete picture

Budgeting often only takes income and expenses into consideration, but you need insight over what feeds your true cashflow. Futrli takes care of this with every forecast assumption you make in 3-ways: the P&L, balance sheet and cashflow are automatically generated.

More granular forecasts

Use tracking in Xero to give even more granularity to your forecasts  by breaking forecasting and analysis down to a departmental, project or job level.

Don’t guess at which future lies ahead for your business. See them brought to life.

Once armed with a plan, don’t let it gather dust. Every week that passes contributes to a different potential outcome for your business. Visualising the different possible futures for your business is now easy.

Create a base forecast containing everything that you know is predictable, like your rent. Then take the next step by building forecasts for those things that are more variable. What is your best case or worst case? Link one or more forecasts together to view your different futures. And then visualise these side by side. It’s a lot easier to make decisions when your business is clearly presented.

Having insights ahead of time makes light work of the risks, and makes you a stronger and more successful leader.

Overview of features


  • Automated 3-way calculations
  • Flexible payment term profiles
  • Wizards (loan, formula, etc.)
  • Multiple forecasting methods
  • Multiple assumptions per account line
  • Import existing budgets & forecasts
  • Create from trends & prior year’s figures
  • Duplicate budgets & create what-ifs
  • Automated sales tax calculations
  • Duplication & full customisation
  • Departmental & project based forecasting

Live dashboards for live businesses

Would you rather have 90% accuracy about your business today, or 100% accuracy in 6-8 weeks? Our surveys say that you would choose 90% accuracy every time.

Futrli’s automatic data syncing enable live dashboards, which are flexible to ensure that they measure and monitor the most important things for you. A restaurant manager doesn’t want to monitor their quick ratio: they want to know their food and drink GP% this week, the productivity of their staff, and the average spend of their customers.

Why? Because by controlling the operation detail you can make a real change to your business’s bottom line.

PDFs for the official day to day

There is always a reason for a printed management report or a business plan. With Futrli, you can produce beautiful PDF management reports in seconds from existing dashboards, pre-built templates or create from scratch. And of course, you can customise how the information displays, with flexible page layouts, charts, table and data options.

Have more than one business? Consolidate them.

Futrli allows you to consolidate and group organisations from any accountancy package, for top-level reporting, plus you can maintain financial accuracy with inter-company eliminations.

Overview of features


  • Actual & forecast reporting in one place
  • Rolling forecast visualisation
  • Non-financial KPI measurement
  • Pre-built PDF templates, pages & reports
  • Performance snapshot tracking
  • Powerful formulas for any calculation
  • Customisable charts, cards & tables
  • Scenario v scenario visualisation
  • Export to PDF, Excel & CSV

Xero & Xero HQ

With Futrli’s seamless connection with Xero, forecasts, KPI dashboards, alerts and reports always up-to-date. In addition, connect directly to Xero HQ, to receive business performance alerts when goals or thresholds are reached.

QuickBooks Online

Connect Futrli straight to QuickBooks for smart forecasting, detailed reporting and staying on top of the numbers with auto alerts.


MYOB AccountRight

Our newest integration, users of MYOB can now connect their accounts directly with Futrli, for a full range of features.

About Futrli

Our platform was created by a business owner, for business owners

Hannah, our founder & CEO, had the original idea for Futrli when she was running another business. Frustrated by not having the right data at her fingertips, she resolved to create a technology platform that made her feel more secure in the crucial business decisions she and her team had to make.

Hannah’s vision, with the rest of the team at Futrli, is to help businesses and their advisors harvest the power of data and cloud-based technology to make smarter future based decisions, based on reliable insights.

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