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Features & benefits

Automated Calculations

Automate sales tax outgoings with flexible VAT and GST profiles.

Flexible Payment Terms

Accurately predict when cash is received or spent, with split payments, accruals, prepayments and custom credit terms.

Detailed payments and receipts

View a full breakdown of cash inflows and outgoings by account category, group, line and by forecast item.

Journal Overrides

Additional flexibility with journal overrides to specify the bank account that will receive or make any payment.

Unlimited forecasts

Create multiple forecasts from scratch, trend or via CSV import and explore the cash flow impact across various different scenarios.

Loan forecasting

Forecast the cash flow impact of taking on a loan and accurately model future loan repayments.

John Ryder, Founder and Managing Director of Hive.HR

"By using FUTRLI’s forecasting feature, we can quickly play out multiple scenarios to see how cash flow could be impacted if we make that new hire or invest ‘big’ in that conference. Using the forecasting feature, we can make the right, informed decision with confidence."

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