Project your cashflow for better visibility

Cashflow forecasting is essential for businesses. We make it easy, so you don't have to just hope for the best.

A representation of a cashflow forecasting dashboard in Futrli inside a white iMac frame.

Cashflow forecasting is at the heart of Futrli. Using your actual historical data, you can build an accurate 3-way forecast in seconds. Project your data up to 10 years to see the outcome of decisions, and add in non-financial data for true insight.

Detailed payments and receipts

View a full breakdown of cash inflows and outgoings by account category, group, line and by forecast item.

Flexible payment terms

Accurately predict when cash is received or spent, with split payments, accruals, prepayments and custom credit terms.

Perform journal overrides

Additional flexibility with journal overrides to specify the bank account that will receive or make any payment.

Automated calculations

Automate sales tax outgoings with flexible VAT and GST profiles, speeding up the forecasting and reporting process.

Cashflow forecasting & reporting for every industry

There are similarities in every business. We all want to know how much profit we’re making, what our cash position is today and where things are going to be in the future. Use cashflow forecasting and reporting to navigate your business' path.

A cashflow forecast in Futrli that sits in a white MacBook frame and shows opening bank, net cash movement and closing bank with pink, yellow and blue graph lines.
A white iPhone X container with a cashflow forecast for an SEO company that shows opening bank, net cash movement and closing bank in both a table and a graph with pink, yellow and blue colours.

Turn your data into decisions

Your business data is a collection of stories; obvious and hidden patterns that show your profitability and cash position. Drill into the trends of your current and predicted business performance weekly or daily with our forecasting and reporting software.

Predict where your business is heading

We give you the visibility to help you drive your business forward. The 3-way cashflow forecast, built from your P&L, balance sheet and cashflow statement, auto-updates with every save. Enter assumptions once, and the rich output flows throughout Futrli.

A white iMac frame that contains a restaurant's forecast with three cards in Futrli that show cashflow forecast, food sales and drink sales, all with pink and blue chart colours.

Select your plan

Select your plan

Whether you are a small business who wants to solve the pain of running the numbers, or an accounting firm who wants to delight their clients with real help, we have a plan for you.

Single business

  • Our PAYG plan
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited forecasts
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Online support
$ 49.99 /Per month per org
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CFO or bookkeeper

  • Our Bronze plan
  • Up to 20 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 1
  • Online support
$ 299 /Per month
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Small advisory

  • Our Silver plan
  • Up to 75 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 3
  • Online support
$ 525 /Per month
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Mid-size advisory

  • Our Gold plan
  • Up to 200 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 5
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$ 750 /Per month
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