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FUTRLI now offers richer forecasting & reporting than ever before – backed by the cloud. That’s plenty of reasons to come back.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to upgrade the FUTRLI platform. Our latest releases will bring you a host of exciting new features. More than ever before, FUTRLI helps you join the dots to make better decisions about the future. Why not come back and try us again?


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Get a more granular view with tracking forecasting

Forecasting and budgeting with FUTRLI just got more detailed. For a while, you’ve been able to report on specific parts of the business, like regions, teams or projects in FUTRLI. Now, you’ll be able to use tracking for forecasting and budgeting too.

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Be more proactive with automated alerts

Alerts in FUTRLI are a powerful feature that helps you stay on top of core metrics and goals. To give our users a boost, we’ve added five pre-made alerts to every account, by magic.

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More about our latest changes

More about our latest changes

To read more details about our latest changes to FUTRLI and why we’ve made them, head over to our blog.

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All-new tracking forecasting

Getting proactive with automated alerts