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FUTRLI integrates with QuickBooks
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Consolidated Reporting that Works

See all the information that matters to your group or franchise with powerful Consolidation, Reporting and Forecasting in the cloud.

Consolidation highlights

We've 'grouped' together our favourite Consolidated Reporting features...

Consolidate Across Packages

Consolidate Xero or QuickBooks Organisations together, or import data from any source via CSV and combine it together to create your Group Overview


Was Gross Profit highest in the East? Are all branches hitting target? Compare Performance across Branches, Offices or Divisions within a Franchise with advanced Benchmarking.

Collaborate across the Business

Create and Share Reports with Managers, Clients, Colleagues and Stakeholders. Collaborate over the figures and maximise your operational efficiency.


Have a complicated inter-company loan that has to be eliminated? Remove it from your consolidated entity in seconds with sophisticated eliminations at an Organisation and nominal code level.

"It speeds so much up for us, as many of our team are based in Thailand we need that instant connection."

Rob Churchill, Director of Rawpixel

Advanced Custom Formulas

Deep dive into what really matters within the group by creating your own bespoke formulas and KPIs for reporting on performance overall or on each entity individually.

Control Access with Permissions

Restrict access to data across the business with highly-tailored permission settings. Grant or remove visibility at an Organisation and Account Category level, hide non-financials, Scenarios and more.

Non-financials & Financials

Report on all the data that matters to your business in one place. Import non-financial data from any source and report on it alongside your financial data on a Dashboard.

Group Forecasting & Cash Flow

Forecast performance for the entire group or for each individual entity all in one place. Explore different scenarios for branches to go down and map the impact on Cash Flow.

Tim Griffiths, Co-founder of Xref.global

"The significance of FUTRLI to Xref.global’s success has been huge. When you think that we have data coming in from 3 countries all on different time zones, that needs to be analysed clearly, quickly and effectively in real time, then FUTRLI is just amazing – it makes our lives so much easier."

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