Enterprise-level consolidated reporting and forecasting

FUTRLI provides powerful reporting and forecasting for companies with more than one business. Consolidate in minutes, not hours and at a fraction of the cost

Forecast tomorrow, understand today and action a better future for your business. Start your free trial today.

Powerful group reporting

Insights, reports and analysis are as powerful and flexible as ever. With granularity that supports daily analysis across your group.

Future-proof your group

1/ Each entity can track it’s progress with their own forecasts, budgets or scenarios

2/ Each of these scenarios can be consolidated into one group scenario, which will auto-update

3/ You can also create a forecast for the group as we give you a flexible new Chart of Accounts with full eliminations, as needed

True eliminations

Transactions between a group, must be managed carefully.

Traditionally, this is a painful time consuming task. We give you options for simple eliminations as well as the more complex offset eliminations you may require too.

Remove the headache of group management

A group’s Chart of Accounts can quickly become unwieldy when consolidating multiple businesses.

To prevent this we have powerful auto-management that categorises your group’s CoA quickly and without error. Changing the structure immediately updates any report or forecast you have set up for the group.

£5 per child org per month (billed automatically)

$9 per child org per month (billed automatically)

$9 per child org per month (billed automatically)

$7.50 per child org per month (billed automatically)