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Control Cash Flow

Take control of Cash Flow and start accelerating growth with FUTRLI, the reporting and forecasting app for business

Features we hope you'll love...

From advanced forecasting methods to ten year scenarios, here's some of the highlights...

Automated VAT Forecasting

Forget surprises and messy spreadsheet formulas. FUTRLI automatically calculates your Sales Tax payments as you build out your forecast. Set individual Tax Rates, see the impact on Cash Flow and more.

Custom Payment Profiles

Whether you have a client who won’t pay for a further six months or a bill you’ll be splitting over three, account for the nuances of your business with flexible payments profiles that put you in control of your Cash Flow.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly...

Your business doesn’t wait for month’s-end, so why should your forecasting? See the Cash impact of any scenario, from a change in your product line or a drop in profits, over daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly periods.

Flexible Forecasting Methods

Want to tie Sales profitability to Staff numbers? You can. Link account lines, set growth rates and freely enter figures? Or even create complicated manual calculations? You can do all that and more.

“FUTRLI is there to help make sure what we’re trying to create is economically worth creating, and helps me ensure that I can be proud of what it is we’re creating.”

Scott Robinson, Owner, 3xScreen

Create from Trends

Build a detailed Cash Flow forecast in seconds based upon trends and seasonality within the business over the past twelve months, or your own custom period.

Drill into the Detail

Create unlimited forecast items for every supplier, client, order, job or product that you wish, and drill into the detail of any future payment and receipt across your Cash Flow.

Import Existing Budgets

Upload your existing budgets or scenarios into FUTRLI and see the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow implications of that extra £50 a month on stationary.

Ten Year Forecasts

Year One, fancy chairs for the office, Year Ten, a branch on the moon. Plot your galactic domination from startup to graduation with unlimited one to ten year forecasts.

John Ryder, Founder and Managing Director of Hive.HR

"By using FUTRLI’s forecasting feature, we can quickly play out multiple scenarios to see how cash flow could be impacted if we make that new hire or invest ‘big’ in that conference. Using the forecasting feature, we can make the right, informed decision with confidence."

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