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Features & benefits

Custom Reporting

Build bespoke dashboards focussing on business relevant KPIs and reports using either pre built in app templates or create from scratch.

Live Dashboards

All reports referencing actual data will update when new data comes into FUTRLI automatically from QBO/Xero or when uploaded by csv from other accounting packages.

Multiple Card types

Choose from an extensive range of different card types when building dashboards including report cards, comparison cards, snapshot cards and more.

Export to PDF, Excel and CSV

All reports, budgets, forecasts and scenarios created in FUTRLI can be exported to PDF, Excel or CSV.

Board Templates

Utilise the extensive in-app dashboard templates to get started and save favourite dashboards to duplicate and use again.

Actual, Forecast and Rolling forecast

Integrate actual performance with forecast data and visualise the impact on the business going forward.

Custom Reporting Periods

Report daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually across any custom reporting period, past, present or future.

Formulas & KPIs

Create any custom KPI or use the extensive KPI library. Combine financial and non financial data into a report with the flexible formula builder.

Flexible Chart options

Numerous different charts and graphs available to select from when building reports including bar graphs, pie charts, text cards and more.

Martin Greehow, Owner of Mojo Bar

"The speed that you can implement change to leverage success or address warning areas is incredible. In the past, we’d serve customers day in, day out, and we might be running a certain product line at a loss, we just couldn’t see that without FUTRLI. It’s the full financial picture. I can focus in on my balance sheet when I need to but keep an eye on the operational KPIs day to day.”

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