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FUTRLI integrates with QuickBooks
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Bring Your Business into Focus

See your business clearly with powerful, bespoke KPI dashboards. Track performance versus budget, analyse trends or simply celebrate how much money you're making. It's up to you.

Some of our Dashboard Highlights...

Stay in the driving seat with beautifully flexible reporting of your Business's Past, Present and Future

Actual vs Budget

Track performance versus budget or target across your Chart of Accounts and KPIs. Combine with auto-updating actuals for a daily breakdown of business health.

Custom Formulas & KPIs

Create your own custom formulas and KPIs with the amazing power of our Formula builder. Explore everything from wages to sales to your own crazy concoction of financial & non-financial data.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly...

Your business doesn’t wait for month’s-end, so why should your reporting? Track performance daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or across your own custom time period. It's up to you!

Past, Present & Future

FUTRLI is an all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine, giving you the power to report on and explore your business past, its present and its future.

"Once you’ve connected Xero with FUTRLI, every transaction is pulled in and then new ones flow in so it just works. We love it!"

Romain Le Gal, Owner, La Fourchette


Say goodbye to admin! FUTRLI syncs automatically with Xero & QuickBooks, pulling through any new transactions so that your Dashboards are always up-to-date.

Presentation Mode

Designed with business meetings in mind, display the full beauty of your Dashboards to clients or colleagues in Presentation Mode. Quickly highlight and drill down into Reports and KPIs.

Share and Collaborate

Quickly and easily share live or read-only versions of your reports with colleagues. Collaborate over the date or simply show off the latest trends!

Tracking Reporting

Accelerate Xero Tracking with Tracking Reporting. Explore and compare trends, and build custom KPIs at a Tracking-level.

Martin Greehow, Owner of Mojo Bar

"The speed that you can implement change to leverage success or address warning areas is incredible. In the past, we’d serve customers day in, day out, and we might be running a certain product line at a loss, we just couldn’t see that without FUTRLI. It’s the full financial picture. I can focus in on my balance sheet when I need to but keep an eye on the operational KPIs day to day.”

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