Daily KPI Monitoring & Monthly Targets Focuses La Fourchette on Maximising Performance

Posted on 1st February 2016 in Customer Stories

Written by Amy Harris

From 8am, the doors swing open at La Fourchette, a modern cafe, restaurant and shop based in New Zealand. It starts the day serving up customers freshly baked pastries, breads, pâtisseries and coffee. The menu is French-inspired and customers come from far and wide for lazy lunches or private functions. FUTRLI delivers fresh daily financials to the business which has two sites in total and is owned and run by a husband and wife team.

Romain runs the front of house while Natalie manages the back office, with the help of her local accountant, Brad Golchin from Wise Advice. This was the duo’s first establishment. However, when they opened a second it made them take stock and redefine their systems with profitability at the forefront. To ensure La Fourchette always had their finger on the pulse of their data, Brad introduced them to FUTRLI to give them a real-time view of everything that matters. Natalie says:

“Food and staff are such huge costs in this industry. We needed an accurate, up-to-date solution to monitor this on a daily basis. We also had to incentivise and educate our managers about the figures. They can make the biggest impact on the end result so we target them monthly on the gross profit.

The information is so easy to digest in FUTRLI and it makes the numbers so much easier to get your head around. Our managers are excellent at what they do but their strength isn’t the figures so FUTRLI helps them perform better with more consistency and accuracy.”

Each site has a board and, thanks to its flexible permission rights, each manager is invited to access only the information that is relevant to them.

“They can’t see areas of the business we wouldn’t want to share such as the bank account or items on the balance sheet. Instead, we keep them focused by showing them visualised core KPIs such as food and wage percentage so that even without any formal financial training, they can easily identify trends.”

FUTRLI provides La Fourchette with live, relevant figures. It helps the business and team stay informed and plan for what’s ahead. The team meet with their accountant and use the Boards as the guide for their discussions.

“It isn’t a historical snapshot of the past so the conversation isn’t retrospective either. The seamless integration with Xero means the data auto updates daily, which is a huge timesaver in this industry where breaks are few and far between. Once you’ve connected Xero with FUTRLI, every transaction is pulled in and then new ones flow in so it just works. We love it!”

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