FUTRLI Helps Happening Bar Keep Its Eye on Cash Flow & Fine Tune Its Business

Posted on 2nd February 2017 in Customer Stories

Written by James Marren

We’ve been told that La Buvette is reportedly one of the most beautiful bars in Adelaide’s new bar scene. It’s a shame we’re too far away to try it out from here in Brighton! Dominique Lentz, the owner, is trying to bring his love of the French way of drinking, sharing and socialising to Southern Australia. He’s been using FUTRLI since 2015 with his accountant, Oreon Partners, and again we are grateful to them for providing this great footage for us to share with you. It’s probably best not to have an appetite when you watch it!

Knowing the numbers is key to its success

Dominique explains that to successfully run his business it’s really important to keep a record of wages, expenses and receipts etc. He also mentions something that all business owners will probably relate to and, that is, how vital it is to have an eye on cashflow. So, how does he do it? Dominique said: “Every month when we meet (with Oreon Partners) for a performance review we use FUTRLI as it reveals key insights into the strengths and weaknesses of how the business is doing today and allows me to action a better tomorrow.”

Please note, this video was filmed before our rebrand and therefore they refer to the product as ‘CrunchBoards. It is exactly the same app, you can read why we rebranded here.

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