Award-Winning Firm Carpenter Box, One of the Largest in South East England, Uses FUTRLI to Make Data Work For Them & Their Clients

Posted on 26th October 2015 in Customer Stories

Written by Amy Harris

Nathan Keeley, Partner at Carpenter Box, reveals how FUTRLI enables his organisation to offer a wide range of client types the exact type of financial information they need to grow - 3minute read

Founded in 1924, Carpenter Box can boast a proud and long tradition of excellence. One of the largest and most respected accountancy, tax and business providers in the South East of England, Carpenter Box was recently named professional services firm of the year at the prestigious Gatwick Diamond Business Awards.

A critical part of their success is a constant commitment to continuous learning and a philosophy of always looking forward. “We believe our role is more than just reporting numbers about how a business is doing historically. It’s also about helping our clients to identify opportunities to boost profits or expand their business.”

“At Carpenter Box we are always searching for the new ideas and processes that will allow us to step up to that next level,” says Nathan Keeley, Partner at Carpenter Box. “We pride ourselves on ensuring we are providing our clients with the best possible service.

“Let’s be honest, accountancy has a reputation for being boring,” laughs Nathan. “The way accountants have traditionally presented their figures has played a huge part in developing that attitude. FUTRLI’ means we don’t have to throw walls of numbers at people anymore. We can give them everything in a way they and their team understand and even enjoy.

“Now our clients can focus on what the numbers are saying and plan accordingly. With Excel and older methods, clients may have spent as much time trying to interpret figures as acting on them.”

FUTRLI’s clean, intuitive design means that accountants no longer have to spend countless hours submerged in spreadsheets trying to produce financial reports. The whole reporting and forecasting process has been streamlined so accountants can focus on analysing and using the data, instead of preparing it.

“We have a wide range of clients from the smallest of start-ups to major companies with turnovers exceeding tens of millions of pounds, “ says Nathan. “They all have specific needs when it comes to their financial figures and what they want to see and get out of them. With FUTRLI it’s not only easy to deliver a bespoke service, but the figures we can give them are in real-time – they aren’t days or weeks out of date. That’s huge for business owners.”

FUTRLI’ visual approach to presenting information and financial figures is highly valued by Carpenter Box and a great visual aid its clients.

“Some clients just want numbers on their bank balance, profit margin or staff costs but they don’t want them in black and white. If they are not numbers people, it won’t make sense, they need some help from visual representation,” says Nathan. “The entrepreneurs we work with want to know more and more about whether they are on the right track and that means seeing it communicated beautifully. They want to visualise how different choices would impact their business and they want that quickly.”

Carpenter Box encapsulates the forward thinking approach to accountancy and financial services that is revitalising the sector. Which is why FUTRLI is such a perfect fit for them and their clients.

“FUTRLI has empowered us to allocate more energy into advisory services and empowered our clients to make better, more informed decisions,” says Nathan. “FUTRLI makes the data work for the accountant and the business owner.”

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