Annotate your Dashboards

Your Dashboard(s) are Business Action Plans made up of a collection of stories (reports). Talk through the story of your business with text cards and descriptive titles and descriptions. You’ll know at a glance how your Cards relate to each other and how they are working together.

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Annotate your Dashboards

It’s not just about the data visualisation. Data is useless unless there is interpretation of it.

Interpretation of the key trends in your business should of course by performed by you, but also by your team (being hands-on, they may have different insights as to what is happening in your business), or by your accountant/advisor (who works with similar businesses to yours) among others.

We have text cards as part of the Card suite that you can use to start the conversation. Sharing data is simple and so is sharing your insights or questions. It is also a fantastic place to log the highlights. Data changes, it is fluid. But observations made and dated are building blocks for progress.

Each Card (report/visualisation) has a dedicated title and description area. They may appear to be innocuous, but hold great power when collaborating with others and sharing those insights. Collaboration is at the heart of business growth, so we make it easy for you to share detailed reports or simple observations.

Some of our clients copy their Text Card annotations to a Board that holds all of these observations as an archive of business progress. There are many ways to use FUTRLI, this is just one of them!

“Being able to instantly provide my clients with a solution to their problem has resulted in a 100% sign up rate so far. It really is the easiest upgrade/additional service to sell. I love it.” - Claire Owen-Jones

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