Create Boards for different needs

Group your Boards into Folders to easily classify the information you’ve created. Create as many Boards or Folders as you need.

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Create Boards for different needs

Create as many as you need for you, your team and your stakeholders

Our Boards are a collection of reports (visualisations or stories about your business) that can be very general or really targeted. When you sync your data, we will create 3 general Boards to get you started.


One looks to the past, what has happened in your business to get you to today.

One looks at the current – how are you performing against prior periods. Use this as a starting place for monitoring your operations every day

One looks to the future. This Board is all set up waiting for your first scenario (which you can create in 5 seconds, based upon Last year’s actuals). What will your business look like this time next year, if you perform in exactly the same way? It’s a great health check for how you’re burning through cash and what’s happening with your profitability.

These are just the start though. The fun happens when you start to create your own KPIs. We have industry guides for all of our subscribed users, but here are some examples of Benchmark Boards (there’s more to come here!), Departmental Boards, Sales Boards…All of these are easily categorised into Folders which can also be shared with your collaborators. Organising your business life and taking away the stress of not knowing where you are is a simple process!


“Because of FUTRLI, we found that the conversations we have with our accountants at My Accountancy Place began to change. Instead of just looking at the accounts, checking cash and profit, we started to look at the non-financial numbers. We’d been working on our own KPI’s and systems for a while, but having a monthly FUTRLI meeting means that we now action things a lot faster.” - Karen Reyburn

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