Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly views

Month-end reporting doesn’t always give you the detail that you need. Visualise daily trends or weekly activity in seconds.

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Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly views

Traditional accountants (not to be confused our partners, of course) meet their clients annually, quarterly at best...

You may not know this, but there is a shift happening in the accounting industry, globally, because of businesses like yours. You are demanding a better, more communicative engagement, with advice at the core of the relationship. And quite rightly so.

It’s also easier for you to change accountants since the advent of cloud accounting technology, so service levels need to be high.

That demands a more granular approach to viewing your data.

Annual views do not give the detail that you need to grow and maximise your businesses potential. Quarterly views are acceptable from a high-level retrospective standpoint and of course monthly reporting is a massive step forward and where you would start any monthly meeting with your advisor.

But, to understand the inner-workings of a business you need to assess weekly and daily trends of the financial and non-financial data that flows through from business activity, as well as potential seasonality fluctuations. Some of your data may plateau for periods of time, but unless you’re tracking it in these granular periods, you may not be able to ramp up an upwards sales trend quickly enough to take out your competitors, or if expenditure is spiralling in one account and you don’t spot it in time, what will the repercussions be for your business in the future.



“What FUTRLI allows us to do is give the industry up-to-date reports on a weekly basis. This has always been a possibility, but never with the efficiency, ease and aesthetically appealing design that FUTRLI provides. Now our Clients have weekly P&Ls & KPI’s at their fingertips.” - Nick Hazel, Café Bookkeepers

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