Every picture tells a story

The business world too often ignores the fact that people are visually wired. Columns and rows are great for storing data, but not for telling stories. Stories are impactful in ways numbers alone never could be. FUTRLI lets you tell the story of your business and how it’s going to move forward.

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Every picture tells a story

Data visualisation sounds like a technical and potentially overwhelming term. But it’s not. It is actually just insightful pictures in your business’s story book. 

Let’s take a look at a KPI that we know about, Gross profit. This is the amount of profit you make after your direct costs come off your sales. So if I am a restaurant, the gross profit I make from a plate of food, is the sale amount after tax, less the ingredients, and a nominal amount for wages, electricity, gas etc.

Below we have a spreadsheet for a Profit & Loss. Gross profit is present in this spreadsheet. How’s it looking?

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 13.45.07

Did you find it easily? Did you spot any trends? 

This is no way to present data in today’s world. That spreadsheet will also have taken some time to prepare, so it’s a lose-lose!

In FUTRLI, we let you highlight the important stories within your business easily. That way, you can spot trends, identify successes and take action on areas that are underperforming. It’s all about giving you control.

The image below, shows you multiple use cases for this single KPI: Gross Profit

How does it compare to my revenue? How is it tracking against my forecast? Is it up or down on last year? What are the weekly trends? What should I share with my team?

Data visualisation, is just one element in FUTRLI

Unlike other BI tools, data visualisation, is just one element in FUTRLI, but an important one. It enables decision makers to see KPIs presented visually, so they can clearly understand what is happening within their business by identifying new patterns.

It doesn’t just stop there

Using software that has been designed for this, rather than spreadsheets gives you so much more control. Charts rather than being static, are dynamic, so you can be interactive with your data, interactively changing what financial, non-financial and KPI data you see and how it’s aggregated: monthly, weekly, fortnightly, daily?

“After not believing that FUTRLI could be that good, I was nervous to begin with and kept asking what is the catch. I ca't see one yet.” - Michael Harvey

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