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Freedom to view your business the way you want to

We hate being told that we can’t do something

When it comes to cash flow forecasting, budget setting, business analysis, creating and monitoring KPIs and data visualisation we have all (before now!) gone back to spreadsheets as they are the ultimate blank canvas. But they expose businesses to huge risk. The time it takes to check for errors out-weighs the benefit of the flexible input and various studies report that nearly 9 out of 10 spreadsheets (88%) contain them. A majority of these errors were from human error (and could have been avoided).

“Almost one in five large businesses have suffered financial losses as a result of errors in spreadsheets, according to F1F9, which provides financial modelling and business forecasting to blue chips firms. It warns of looming financial disasters as 71pc of large British business always use spreadsheets for key financial decisions.

The company’s new whitepaper entitled Capitalism’s Dirty Secret showed that the abuse of humble spreadsheet could have far-reaching consequences. Spreadsheets are used in the preparation of British company accounts worth up to £1.9 trillion and the UK manufacturing sector uses spreadsheets to make pricing decisions for up to £170bn worth of business.

In total, spreadsheet calculations represent up to £38bn of British private sector investment decisions per year, data harvested through YouGov found. Yet 16pc of large companies have admitted finding inaccurate information in spreadsheets more than 10 times in 2014.”

The Telegraph



You can still have the freedom to view your business the way you want to though. Creating a solution that encompasses the flexibility of spreadsheets, but incorporates an error-free framework for you to set budgets, create 3-way forecasts, visualise today’s data as easily as tomorrow’s data, analyse your financial KPIs and the non-financial metrics that drive your business is what gets us up in the morning. We needed this solution as much as you do, so we run FUTRLI on FUTRLI for every business driver, current and future.

The flexible nature and blank canvas that our Boards and Scenarios afford, mean that we can test new ideas for the business, share and collaborate over them in different timezones immediately and throw what we’ve created away if we decide a different scenario is the best one for the business. Because it is so quick and easy to look ahead to the future, we can move the business quickly and respond to our CEO’s needs (our customer is our CEO!). And with 3 offices in two countries and over 8,500 connected businesses* in nearly 90 countries, we’re proud to stand alongside them as FUTRLI’ users.

*as of 10th march 2016

“Being able to collaborate with my team and our investors in seconds is so key. I start my day by checking what's happened with the business overnight in ANZ on FUTRLI on my smartphone. I'm abreast of all new developments before I've even had a coffee!” - Hannah McIntyre, Co-founder FUTRLI

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