Visualisation with limitless options

Everyone likes to view data in different ways. FUTRLI Cards are where you get your answers. With an array of card (report) types, drag and drop ease of use, chart types and a powerful and easy to use formula builder.

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Visualisation with limitless options

It's your business, so view it the way you want to

We would never dare to assume how you want to present your data. So, we give you options. Lots of them! There are Cards for different uses, and each has an array of different presentation options. Cards are not only flexible from a visualisation perspective, you can re-order their position, and can resize them to highlight their impact on the viewer which may be one of your team.

“Because of FUTRLI, we found that the conversations we have with our accountants at My Accountancy Place began to change. Instead of just looking at the accounts, checking cash and profit, we started to look at the non-financial numbers. We’d been working on our own KPI’s and systems for a while, but having a monthly FUTRLI meeting means that we now action things a lot faster.” - Karen Reyburn

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