Forecasting & reporting for every industry

We have taken the time to create sample reports for every industry. Want to know the top KPIs your peers are measuring? Have a look at the sample data for your business after you add your organisation.

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Forecasting & reporting for every industry

FUTRLI has been created to give your business, whatever its industry, clear insights into your its performance.

There are similarities in every business. We all want to know how much profit we are making and what our cash position is today, and where those things are going to be in the future.

But every industry has their own KPIs that they monitor that are pertinent to them.

Monitoring the raw numbers, progress and change for the farming industry, and dental industry may have different data inputs but the process and ease is the same in FUTRLI.

Non-financial data such as:

  • Customers,
  • Cattle count,
  • Houses sold,
  • Members,
  • Products…

…and how they relate to sales or costs for example, are all key in understanding the bigger picture, the story of your business. Every piece of non-financial data you have can be brought into FUTRLI by you or your team and the templates you create for your business will update instantly.

All of this rich data is not just available for you or your advisor, but due to the rich permissions we have at our core, you can restrict the data that you share with your team to ensure that they are laser-focussed on their areas of responsibility.

One of our clients based in hospitality had been running their business for 20 years before starting to use FUTRLI. With 3 sites, after creating the Boards they needed by combining their financial and non-financial data, they got this into the hands of their managers, created forecast scenarios and started to really work together as a team. After the first year, they had tripled their profits. Read how here…

“Just fantastic. I love the ease I can create a board and apply the same or similar board to another entity. Every client I've shown has gone "Wow". A weekly report for a restaurant now takes a minute instead of importing to an excel spreadsheet and checking data to ensure it is right.” - Martin Tunley

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