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Forecast or budget?

What is the difference between a budget and a forecast? FUTRLI lets you create both, easily. (read more)

Manage the future of your business

Use your forecasts to manage your business! Get rid of “wall of numbers” paralysis. Every picture tells a story, so transform your future data into beautifully presented charted reports and KPI analysis for forecast data too. (read more)

Flexible (of course!) to suit your needs

If you want quick methods, or detailed planning tools, FUTRLI has your back. Sometimes all you want to do is a quick “What if” and that is simple too. (read more)                                                                                                                                                                           

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly views

There are one-click, daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cash flow and forecast views to give you peace of mind over the numbers. You can also drill into the detail of every transaction, so there’s no more, “How did that figure get there?”. It’s complete clarity and peace of mind for you. (read more)                         

Clear cash flow reports

Cash is king. Guide yourself with clear cash flow reports and charts that update as you build your forecast over 1-5 years. (read more)

Reveal where your business is going

FUTRLI is an all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine with the tools to help you drive your business forward. The 3-way forecasts P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow auto-update with every forecast line is saved. (read more)

Spreadsheet errors are a thing of the past

Have confidence in your numbers and let our forecasting engine do the heavy lifting. Every time you save a forecast, we perform thousands of calculations automatically, so that you can view your future in the scenario and in your performance dashboards. (read more)

Save days of work with actuals updating automatically

Save days of work updating actuals into spreadsheets. With FUTRLI, actuals update automatically at period end, or when you set them to start. (read more)


Plan, track, analyse and collaborate today

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“"When I’m sitting down with every client I ask them, "Would you rather 90% accurate information today, or 99% accurate information +14 days after EoM. Everyone in business says now please'” - Chris Hooper, Accodex

““It works seamlessly with cloud software, but we love importing financial and non-financial data for Crunching too!”” Phebys Accountants

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