Clear cash flow reports

Cash is king. Guide yourself with clear cash flow reports and charts that update as you build your forecast over 1-5 years.

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Clear cash flow reports

One of the biggest issues when preparing a cash flow forecast is visibility of your cash.

It sounds crazy, but traditional spreadsheet forecasting methods and desktop solutions have you creating your assumptions in one place and then having to go off to another to see the impact on the cash?! 

That is not intuitive.

We don’t understand this, which is why we placed your cash front and centre, presented visually, in a chart, right at the top of your workings page. Of course, you might not want to focus simply on cash. You might want to see how your wage % is looking so we’ve given you full control on this graph to easily change your view.

Not only is the cash flow statement auto-updating with every forecast saved, but you have a clearly presented view of your cash and whether you are heading into danger or are building upon success as you create.

We’ve also given you clear visibility over every single account category and account on your workings page with the ability to reorder them as you see fit.  

You also have the opportunity to add your own custom KPIs to the workings page too. If you need to have visibility over your industry specific KPIs you can add them to your scenario, helping you with additional sense checks over the assumptions you are making that may have an impact on them.

Top tip: We will often add the net income, net cash movement and closing cash KPIs to the top of the scenarios workings page, which gives fantastic visibility over the health of your business as you prepare your future predictions.

“Real time financial intelligence, FUTRLI is the most exciting add on I have used with Xero.” - Tom Paine

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