Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly…

There are one-click, daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cash flow and forecast views to give you peace of mind over the numbers. You can also drill into the detail of every transaction, so there’s no more, “How did that figure get there?”. It’s complete clarity and peace of mind for you.

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Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly views

How do you want to view your future?

Because we store your forecast data in the same way as your actual data you can slice and dice it! 

You have full flexibility to see your forecast transaction in a daily, weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly view in the Reports we can generate for you.

In scenarios, if you need to inspect the detail behind the profit & loss, balance sheet or cash movement, you can change the view. Tracking back assumptions in spreadsheets is hard, even for the person who has created it! Formula errors are prevalent in 88% of spreadsheets, so we are told. You don’t have that issue with FUTRLI, but getting to the root of an assumption and tracking its behaviour is now simple.

It’s not just the view though.

You can expand ever account line to see the forecasts that make it up. This is especially powerful for your accounts such as those that belong to the bank. Every transaction that comes in and out of an account can be drilled into simply. And because of that if you need to change the credit terms for a forecast for instance, it’s simple to do.

There’s no more “How did that figure get there?!”

“CB goes even further by allowing you to look forward and create scenarios and forecasts to help a business owner steer their ship in the right direction rather than according to where it's been. It's why the front windscreen on a car is bigger than the rear window, so you can see where you're going rather than where you've been. Try driving your car home tonight in reverse if you don't believe me!” - Paul Meades - Meades & Co

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