Flexible (of course!) to suit your needs

If you want quick methods, or detailed planning tools, FUTRLI has your back. Sometimes all you want to do is a quick “What if” and that is simple too.

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Flexible (of course!) to suit your needs

When designing a robust replacement for spreadsheet forecasting we had to give you lots of flexible options. For this reason there are 6 ways that you can create a new forecast, budget or different scenario.



Once created, we then give you the ability to create multiple forecasts lines per account.


It’s rare for any account to have just one assumption feeding it going forwards in real life situations.


That’s why we let you create multiple forecast lines per account, giving you much more flexible assumptions over invoice amounts and credit terms, or journals that you need to create.



forecasting methods

There are then of course multiple forecasting methods



  • Quick on-the fly methods
  • Repeating transactions,
  • Growth methods, and
  • Formula methods that are so robust, you can reference your
    • financial data
    • non-financial data
    • previous periods
    • cumulative/non-cumulative datasets



So however complex your needs, we have you covered!


Payment profiles offer as much flexibility.


  • Are you paying your suppliers on a specific date?
  • Do your customers have different credit terms?
  • Do you need to need to spread payments/receipts over different periods?
  • Have you received or paid money in advance of the invoice date?


No problem!

Our payment profiles are as flexible as our forecasting methods and visualisation tools.

Every forecast transaction you create is just that, a journal is created in our system with the appropriate Debits and Credits assigned.


Thousands of journals can be created when you save a single forecast! When you hit our advanced options on any forecast, you can see the journals we create and can even override them.


If you need to make non-cash journals within your forecast you can even do that here.


Finally, because we store your forecast data in the same way as your actual data you can slice and dice it!


You have complete control and flexibility to view your forecast transactions in a daily, weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly view in the Reports we can generate for you.

Actual v budget - ipad weekly

“This Add-on is a must if you are looking for intelligent reporting for your business. It gives you the detail you need to see where you have been and also forecasts to see where you are going, this is invaluable if you are looking to approach banks for finance or give investors or decision makers the key data for the business.” - Brian Mason

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