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Use your forecasts to manage your business! Get rid of “wall of numbers” paralysis. Every picture tells a story, so transform your future data into beautifully presented charted reports and KPI analysis for forecast data too.

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Many business owners prepare a business plan and it gathers dust after the initial delivery....

It takes time and effort to:

  • Research your competitors
  • Assess the demographic you are selling to
  • Prepare your assumptions and…put them all together in a plan.

They gather dust because updating them and assessing them against the actuals has traditionally been a time consuming task.


In FUTRLI you can use this forecast data to manage your business.

We store forecast transactions in the same way that we store the actual data that we automatically pull through from your accounts package:

Each transaction is stored on a single date, as a unique fact that can be aggregated, sliced and diced as you need it to be.

Because the forecast data is treated in the same way as actual data, any KPI/formula that you need for your business today, can also be used to look at how this is going to perform in the future:

If you need wage% to be at 30% in order to make a profit, this KPI can be added to your workings tab of your scenario in order to give you clarity as you go.

(Or you could pull this KPI into a Card on it’s own and choose a Forecast & Actual data-set)

One of our favourites, is setting up a report Card for rolling actuals & forecasts which lets you see year predicted year-end position. You can set the Card to update the actuals automatically, which will, as time passes, give you that clear view of where your business is going to be at the end of the financial year. (see below)

Is the story looking good? Either build on the success if it’s looking strong, or form an action plan with your team if it’s causing concern. 

Visualise the future with ease as you have complete flexibility and control. Not only you can benefit from these future insights, but so can your team. 

One card that any start up should create is a Report Card with Income, Net Profit and Closing Cash as illustrated below (the settings for this card are what you see above). This holy trinity give you a quick insight into your cash position, break-even and operational progress. Give it a go!

“Being able to track in real time, using custom formulas, the insights gained are far more valuable then what has been available prior via other products and/or excel spreadsheets. Great looking product, presents the data well. Great work, looking forward to doing more and more with FUTRLI.” - Garry Dukes

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