Reveal where your business is going

FUTRLI is an all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine with the tools to help you drive your business forward. The 3-way forecasts P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow auto-update with every forecast line is saved.

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Reveal where your business is going

There are lots of ways to forecast your business’s future.

Some systems will make you create a budget first and then create a copy of this to turn it into a full 3-way (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow) Forecast:

Issue: Each forecast line has to be gone through again, to associate credit terms to them. This is a gross waste of your time.

Other products will do an excellent job of looking at your short term cash flow, by forecasting against invoices that are raised in your accounts package:

Issue: They do not give you the integrated Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet forecasting, reporting or any KPI analysis for financial and non-financial data.

Yet more products do not update the actual data automatically for you, so you have a cumbersome task at period end (or you just don’t bother)

Issue: Another gross waste of your time

The same products don’t integrate the forecast data with the actual data for rich operational business reporting, so you never get that fantastic 360º view of your business.

Issue: Another gross waste of your time

That’s why FUTRLI is so powerful. It is, auto-updating in multiple ways and delivers the full panoramic view of your business (and the view stretches as far as the eye can see!)

Enter your assumptions once, and the rich output flows through to the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow statement and any Board report you want to create for clear visualisation of your businesses future.

“Real time financial intelligence, FUTRLI is the most exciting add on I have used with Xero.” - Tom Paine

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