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Simplify how you prepare budgets, and not a spreadsheet in sight. Our all-in-one engine, lets you track your budget against auto-updating actuals, daily!

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Actual v Budgets

One of the pain points for spreadsheet forecasting and legacy desktop forecasting solutions is the time that it takes for you to update actual data into them, when you want to update a rolling forecast or prepare variance analysis. Budgets and forecasts are after all just book-ends unless they are used to drive your business forward.

As we update your actuals daily, this laborious task does not need to be performed. We also let you assign when you want to view those actuals from in scenarios and reports, so if your period is not completed yet, no worries, just allocate the actuals from last period.  

One of our most popular reports and one that we at FUTRLI use daily is our Snapshot Cards.

They pack a punch, delivering 5 key pieces of information. Snapshots look at performance up until today. Every day the analysis that they deliver will change as time passes.

  1. The first piece of information comes from the daily synced actuals. What are my sales for the period until today? What is my net profit for the period up until today?
  2. The second comes fromt the forecast or budget scenario that you have chosen. What is the target for this period until today? By showing the information to date, you have a direct comparison against progress that can be tracked against. If you want to see the total forecast amount here, make sure that all of your forecast lines within the scenario are set to the last day of the month
  3. Your progress against target!
  4. How your progress compares against the same like for like previous period up until today
  5. How your progress compares against the same like for like period last year, up until today

Auto-updating actuals come into their own here!

Snapshot card

“I've always enjoyed budgeting and forecasting for clients and now FUTRLI has made it even more fun” - Bonita Corey

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