Easy import of existing budgets

You may have already built a budget, don’t worry, you can import it with our import template. And we go a step further, and let you turn it into a 3-way forecast at the same time, with GST/VAT too!

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Easy import of existing budgets

Any existing budgets that you have can be exported from your accounts package and then, by using our import template, brought into FUTRLI. We don’t do an auto-sync, because even at import, we go a step further. We have designed our template to let you turn your budget into a cash flow forecast at the same time. Each account line can have a default GST/VAT % attached to it and the standard credit terms that apply.

We create an on-the-fly forecast (one of our 4 forecasting methods), for each imported line and then you can start flexing!



“I've always enjoyed budgeting and forecasting for clients and now FUTRLI has made it even more fun” - Bonita Corey

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