Variance analysis

Are you sticking to your budget? Our variance analysis on your current performance versus your budget will give you the insights you need.

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Variance analysis

Snapshot cards are a fantastic health check on current performance. But they are just one way that you can track your progress against forecast or budget.

Because FUTRLI is one engine working hard for you, analysing actual data and forecast data in one place, is simple, saves you time and gets you the answers you need, fast.

As you build out scenarios the transactions that you create are stored by us, in exactly the same way as the actual data, at its most granular. Because of that you can slice and dice that data any way you want to. You are not just limited to monthly reporting:

  • You can view your data in scenario reports, to get that expanded view of the assumptions that have gone into creating your future predictions.


  • You can view your period to date data in Snapshot cards which are a fantastic operational tool


  • You can flip Report Cards from choosing your actuals dataset, to Forecast only data or a combined, rolling actual v forecast view. The latter is an essential report that you should have as your second core report. By combining actual data with forecast data, your expected year end position is a powerful metric that should be assessed regularly.


  • You can compare actuals to scenarios, which of course can be a budget or a forecast in our Comparison Cards. All variance analysis for any KPI can be assessed here and action plans made on the back of your discoveries.

“Probably the most incredible application I have had the privilege of working with. Our current clients are absolutely blown away by the richness of the information and the ability to adapt in such a short space of time.” - Ryan Coates

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