Collaborate Securely

Collaborate securely with your team on the numbers and easily share them with advisors, board members and investors in real- time

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Collaborate securely

Magic happens when you enable your team

When creating a plan for your business is as simple as in FUTRLI, the real power comes when collaborating over the data.

Collaboration is seamless

As soon as you sync your data in FUTRLI, Boards with some key reports, are populated instantly for immediate use. Collaborating over the actuals is a first step, so we make the invitation process simple and a rich experience from your team’s point of view.

Collaboration for teams, advisor & client, shareholders, bank managers..

Upon accepting an invitation, your team member, advisor, shareholder, or bank manager is presented with all of the information you want to share with them. Collaboration over your business can start instantly. And with the flexible visualisation options on offer as well as powerful scenario planning and comparison, you are in a very strong position to move forward with ease.

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