Fast Business Planning

Linking your accounts package makes business planning fast in FUTRLI. Why have we created an all-in-one forecasting and reporting “engine”?

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Fast business planning

Use your business plan to help your business grow

We have built FUTRLI as an all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine to make running your business effortless. Research by KPMG Small Business Accounting found that over a third of small business owners spend more than one day every week tackling financial administration. With so many considerations to juggle you need to spend time working on your business, not in it. Yet, 75% of business owners are creating their own forecasts according to our research. There is no point in creating business plans that are kept on a shelf to gather dust. Why not use them to help your business grow?

Combine actual & future data for the clearest view

Forecasts or business plans shouldn’t just be used once for funding or loan purposes. The rich data that is contained in these plans should work hard for you to enable business decisions to be made. What revenue have you forecast this month? How are you progressing towards your target today? What is your year-end profit looking like based upon a combination of actual and forecast data? What does that look like in 2 years time based upon the latest actuals? Do you need more funding next year? Where are the pinch-points? Where are the successes that can be maximised upon by you and your team? You’re losing so much clarity for your decision making if you don’t use forecast data in combination with actual data.

“"We use FUTRLI most days. If a new contract lands then we need to model the effect on top line sales and expenses quickly and easily and with FUTRLI I can see in seconds the impact on different scenarios across P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow thanks to the softwares all-in-one capability. How does the acquisition of a new client affect when we should hire next? FUTRLI will give me that answer."” - Andy Greener, Komodo Digital

How easy is it to run your business in this way?

We make it easy for you to get started as we know how precious your time is. Follow these simple steps and get started in minutes:

  1. Sync with FUTRLI and view your initial Boards (your first collection of reports) for:
    • Past performance, which you need to understand in order to plan effectively for the future
    • Current performance, instant insights into how you are succeeding, or where your causes for concern are
    • The future. Planning for it has never been easier and the 360º view that one, integrated platform gives, means you have seamless understanding of every KPI that drives your business, but you need to create your first scenario. You can do this in 5 seconds…
  2. Yes that’s right… There are 6 ways to create a scenario in FUTRLI and some can be done in seconds.
  3. Set up alerts that can monitor your business, even when you sleep.


You need one integrated system that works hard for you and alerts you to your business performance, which is a no-brainer in today’s cloud-connected world.

No more, do you have to manually update actual data, no more do you have to import budgets, no more is there repetition of data entry. No more does it take weeks to get the answers you need, no more is it difficult to get data into your team’s hands. Work smart, with the all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine.

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