Group your accounts for clarity

Ditch the complicated and error-prone spreadsheets. FUTRLI pulls in your existing accounts and lets you rearrange and group them to give you a clear view of your forecast and actual data

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Group your accounts for clarity

The image above is no way to run a business in today’s connected, cloud world.

You need clear, streamlined, information that lets you drill down into detail as and when you need to. We understand that having flexibility over your business, and your data is essential. That’s why we let you reorder your Chart of Accounts as you see fit, creating groups within groups within groups if needed!

Every group is created within the organisation settings. Because we centralise these groupings, any presentation of your Chart of Accounts persists that custom grouping throughout every area of FUTRLI. Whether you add a Card in order to create a report, or add a Scenario, your custom groups are remembered, streamlining your processes.

Groups can also be multi-tiered, it’s not just one level…

We are renowned for our flexibility and delivering the ability to slice and dice your data as you see fit. So we go as deep as you need to on that front. We will sum each group independently and we also make them work for you. Groups aren’t just part of the Account Category you choose. You can choose them independently or reference them in formulas too (both in Reports and Scenarios), every level of detail is available for you to drive your business forward: Account > Sub-group > Group > Account Category….

“Don't get FUTRLI confused with other reporting tools or spreadsheets, the platform they've built is insanely flexible so it works for our diverse range of clients. We have small businesses using FUTRLI right up to multi-million turnover global entities.” - Carpenter Box - Gold Partner

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