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Departmental reporting in FUTRLI

If you are trying to track the performance of various branches, departments or franchises, linking to the tracking categories or classes in your accounting system it is easy with FUTRLI. (read more)

Departmental Forecasting

We’ve been asked, and it’s on the way so let us know if you want to see this functionality and vote for it!

 Departmental Benchmarking

Choose different display options to compare your department’s side by side in our Tracking Cards. Focus on all or choose those that you want to compare for more powerful decision-making. (read more)

Departmental KPIs

Creating meaningful management reports for departments, branches or franchises is easy. Drill into the KPIs with our formula builder and assess advertising ROI, wage %s, productivity etc…(read more)

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“"When I’m sitting down with every client I ask them, "Would you rather 90% accurate information today, or 99% accurate information +14 days after EoM. Everyone in business says now please'” - Chris Hooper, Accodex

““It works seamlessly with cloud software, but we love importing financial and non-financial data for Crunching too!”” Phebys Accountants

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