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Get the information into the right hands

Now you can stop waiting on reports and quickly share data with people who need it now. Get the information to those who need. Too often, people struggle with getting access to the information they need to do their jobs. You have simple options to get it to them inside or outside of the workplace. (read more)

You choose who sees what

Permissions are the back-bone of FUTRLI and allow specific collaborators to see and work on only the financial and non-financial data you want them to see. The FUTRLI owner and admins decides who can access what, on a user-by user basis. (read more)

Permissions for financial and non-financial data

Do you want your administrators to have access to every organisation you add? Do you want your users to only be able to see only the Income and Cost of Sales account categories as that’s their area of responsibility? Do you want to let one of your team have responsibility for uploading non-financial data, but others only to have read-only access? No problem! (read more)

Inviting users into the data

When a user accepts your invitation, all permissions are granted and the Boards that you want them to have are delivered. Seamless collaboration from the first step! (read more)

Need to share more data?

Sharing Boards that contain your financial, non-financial or forecast data is a the key to collaborating and something that is very simple in FUTRLI. Every time you share a Board a copy of your creation is sent to your collaborator. You can also send read-only versions to them, or export it all to PDF or CSV. (read more)

Plan, track, analyse and collaborate today

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“"When I’m sitting down with every client I ask them, "Would you rather 90% accurate information today, or 99% accurate information +14 days after EoM. Everyone in business says now please'” - Chris Hooper, Accodex

““It works seamlessly with cloud software, but we love importing financial and non-financial data for Crunching too!”” Phebys Accountants

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