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It's a security blanket for your business's future. Every integrated feature delivers insights you can action

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Where do you really want to be?

It’s a question that entrepreneurs don’t ask themselves enough. Consumed in the day to day of the business, often firefighting, it’s hard getting a grip on the effects that today’s decisions have made.

You cannot run a successful business without a fluid, operational forecast. It’s your navigation system in a storm.

FUTRLI’s forecasting is the pulse behind your decisions.

Setting a P&L budget is not enough

Don’t lull yourself into a false sense of security, by only setting a budget for your income/Profit & Loss statement.

While this will give you an indication as to how operations could look, you are missing 2 huge pieces of the puzzle.

Without understanding the relationship between your P&L Balance Sheet and Cash, you could be putting your business at risk. FUTRLI 3-way forecasting removes it.

Clear eyes on the future

Traditional excel 3-way forecasts deliver wall of numbers blindness to stakeholders and are prone to errors.

Future planning should not paralyse your decision making.

FUTRLI forecast data is stored in exactly the same way as your account’s data, which means you can create powerful and risk free visualisations for every scenario and every stakeholder.


We wouldn’t build software that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Every decision about the many potential futures we could have is tested in our forecasting area first.

What’s the impact of taking on more staff, moving premises, expanding more product lines, scaling, etc etc.

The clear visuals empower the team and ensure that every stakeholder knows where we are going and how.

Which future is the best for you?

If you have never prepared a forecast before we can help there. Every decision you make sets you down a different path, so if you want help deciding what your action plan should be, our CIMA accountants can help. We offer a powerful 1:1 monthly service. Contact us here about this.

Or, if you want to go it alone, use our linked scenarios to test different options for your business, then compare them side by side and discuss them with your team.

It’s easy with FUTRLI.