Forecasting helps
business success

Use your data to project the future, spot opportunities and see the bigger picture

Get a clear view of the future

Every business needs a plan, irrespective of its size or turnover. Work towards goals for the future backed up with trustworthy information.

Set up a forecast in minutes to see a projection of financial and non-financial data. Our unlimited forecasting allows you to run up to 10 years into the future and add as many control factors in as you need. Spot trends and variances with easy to digest, customisable display settings.

Forecasting isn’t just for complex or high-turnover businesses. Set up simple forecasts in minutes for businesses of any size. Forecast a business’ future to spot trends and variances proactively.

Leverage our power

Budgeting often only takes income and expenses into consideration, but you need insight over what truly feeds a business’ cashflow.

We help you take care of this with every forecast assumption you make. Combining your P&L, balance sheet and cashflow statement gives you full control. The more information you put in, the more accurate your forecast will be. Perfect to aid decision-making.

Interpreting goals into a solid strategy adds value to business. Our solid, real-time forecasting capabilities do the work – you provide the business expertise.

See the bigger picture

Every business is different, so your forecasts should be bespoke. Seeing performance against target helps progression, so let’s start looking at where and how you can grow.

Use tracking in Xero or classes in QuickBooks Online to see even more granularity in your forecasts. This functionality lets you break forecasting and analysis down by departmental, project or job level.

Businesses operate more successfully if you can visualise your future. The Futrli platform scales up as you need it, and our live dashboards can help to keep you on track.

What you can do with Futrli forecasting

3-way calculation

Flexible payment terms

Multiple forecasting methods

Import existing budgets and forecasts

Actual vs target analysis

Duplicate and customise forecasts

Multiple assumptions per account line

Create from trends and prior year’s figures


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"The educational process within Futrli has been fantastic because it takes real-world examples and makes you think."

Sandeep Singh, Astute Advisory

“Without Futrli, day to day tasks would probably take 10 times longer!”

Nicolette Quinn, Owner, Savvy CFO

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