Automatic alerts

Get notified to when things are looking good or bad

Helping you be more proactive in business

Whether monitoring bank accounts, expenses, income, net profit or accounts receivable, when a core KPI is hit, you’ll get a notification.

Alerts are an easy way for you to stay on top of business in real-time. This saves you time to get back to operating your business and do the things you love.

Receive your notifications in-app, via email, or if you’re an accountant, you can conveniently get your alerts via Xero HQ.

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Pre-set and bespoke notifications to keep on track

We’ll provide you with pre-set alerts to help you stay on track. If you’d prefer to make your own, start with cash position, revenue targets, salaries and expenses as %s of revenue, and accounts payable and receivable.

If you’re an accountant, alerts are a great way to monitor multiple client businesses simultaneously.

Sit down and ask your business owner clients their goals, both personal and professional, and you can create bespoke alerts from the results of your consultation.

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