Budget accurately and compare against actual and forecast data

Your business is unique so create a bespoke budget

While we have templates to get you going, we also have full flexibility when it comes to building your budgets in Futrli.

Use both financial and non-financial data to make sure you’ve covered everything, and so you can make an accurate budget.

From daily to weekly, monthly to yearly, you can select any time frame that works for you.

Total clarity in budgeting

The budgets you make in Futrli will be a great resource to keep you on the right path. Full visualisation comes from the nature of the 3-way budget, including your P&L, balance sheet and cashflow statement.

You’re working with your actual figures with a budget, which doesn’t allow for external factors having an impact on your figures.

Your forecast will fill in the gaps. Compare your forecast to your budget too, to see where you want to end up after a given time frame, verses where it’s looking like you’re going in reality.

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