Formula builder

Build bespoke calculations from financial or non-financial data

Create formulas quickly from your formula library

You’ll find a list of pre-made formulas which we’ve given you to start you off. Pre-built formulas include cash ratio, closing bank and gross profit, and many more.

These are designed to help you hit the ground running, so you can get back to the operational side of business.

If you’d prefer to create your own, any saved formulas will be stored here. This saves you time, allowing you to quickly select and use them again in your reports.

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See what matters to you

You need to see whatever makes your business tick, so we’ve made sure that you can display formulas as currency, a percentage or a margin.

Use your formulas with KPIs and you’ll have total control over the core revenue streams and operational drivers in your business.

The formula builder is as customisable and flexible as possible, so you can work in the way that suits you.

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