Loan wizard

Manage your incoming and outgoing loan payments

Don’t shy away from borrowing

Borrowing to help your business grow can be your best move. Visualise repayment in your forecast and track fees.

Futrli helps you visualise a loan’s impact, when you will have paid it off, and every payment that is involved in the process.

It’s customisable, so you can be sure you’re seeing up to date payment changes or irregularities.

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Take control of your loan payments

If you’ve taken out a loan, you need to get that loan recorded in your forecast. Take all the loan repayments into account, as this can have a huge impact on the business’ cash position.

When you need to add in overpayments which have helped you square up faster, the loan wizard will help you take this into account and adjust your forecast.

Add your bank fees, if applicable, to ensure your forecast and reports are all accurate.

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