Scenario planning
& what-ifs

Scenario planning shows you the possible outcomes of your decisions

Discover what will happen next in your business

Scenario planning is a protective measure, which will show you the possible outcomes of things that might come your way. It’s a means of evaluating the results of different outcomes.

If you need to estimate the value of a proposed business decision, be it an investment or more general, you can test variables through the scenario planner to make informed decisions. You can compare your scenarios side by side too.

Later down the line, it becomes harder to keep tabs on every aspect of your business, so get into good habits now.

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Think outside the box with what-if scenarios

What-if scenario planning allows you to visualise the way things might turn out. For example, if you want to invest in a new piece of equipment for your business, you’d need to see when you’d get a return on your investment.

Scenario planning will show you how long this is likely to take so can influence you to make decisions that keep your business healthy.

What-if scenarios give you the perfect tool to see how any changes will impact the overall picture by linking further scenarios that you create, to your base one. Whenever you edit your base scenario, changes will flow through to the scenarios that are linked to it.

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