Why Futrli?

Our team is focussed on creating software which gives every business the opportunity to make it by taking control of their financial future and make the best decisions possible.

We want to tip the odds back in favour of small business success rather than failure.

Trusted by 70,000+ businesses
and some of the biggest accounting firms since 2014

Hannah dawson, founder

“It’s time for a complete overhaul of how a business owner can make their best decisions"

"Anyone who has the guts to take the plunge and  set up their own business is amazing as it’s bloody hard. You’ve got a vision for your business that will give you (and maybe your family) the life you dream of. My vision is that Futrli will help you get there with smart prediction software I wish I’d had when I started out in business, and a BS-free, honest community that understands your needs, because you absolutely deserve to reach your potential.”
Every business deserves to make it

You started your business for a reason. You had something valuable to offer. You build your vision. We'll help you get there.

We're on your side

We know what you're going through. Futrli was forged from the kind of cash flow challenges thousands of businesses across the world face every day. We get it.

There is another way

Our whole reason for being is to give you control and help you make the right decisions. It may not have been working for you until now, but there is a better way and we'll help you get there.

Business isn't black and white

We know from running our own businesses that it's never a simple fix. We're realistic and we're honest about what it takes to build the great company you always wanted (hey, we're still learning, too).