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Smarter Collaboration With Futrli + Gmail

For a small business owner, every minute is precious. Don’t waste time switching between applications. Coming soon, our  Gmail + Futrli integration will be quick and easy. Once it’s done, you can email your advisors, clients or team from within Futrli for more efficient collaboration.

Share the load - Futrli Gmail

Share the load

Predict uses AI smarts to create a complex cash flow forecast with a priority-ranked action list for you to tackle. Delegate tasks to your team, or any Gmail contact, straight from the actionfeed or pushbar (coming soon!) to share the load.

Get paid faster

Get paid faster

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your small business, and Flow helps you easily track, manage and improve it. Integrate Gmail with Flow to communicate with customers or staff about outstanding invoices and speed up payments.

Seek advice straight away

Seek advice straight away

Keep forgetting to email your advisor with that niggling financial question? If you spot a potential problem with a scenario, send your email right then and there from within Futrli. 

But wait! There’s more...

Gmail integration is just a click away. And best of all, it’s free forever, whether you’re a Futrli Pro user or not.

  • Quickly, easily search for information and send it to your contacts
  • Attach any post automatically to your message for clear, simple collaboration
  • Use Gmail integration in any free actionfeed across the Futrli platform
  • Email from the pushbar (coming soon!) on any screen with any workflow
Gmail integration is just a click away.

Get Started

Flow and Gmail go hand in hand to help you improve your cash flow. Get started with both platforms today.

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