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Work Smarter With Futrli + QuickBooks

Stop trying to be a financial whizz, and get back to what you do best – efficiently and all from one screen. QuickBooks is the smart small business cloud accounting software that makes everyday bookkeeping easy. Add on Futrli to make it even smarter; and model, forecast and analyze your finances quickly and easily.

Take control of your cash flow

Take control of your cash flow

Stop stressing about your business finances. Futrli Flow will analyze your cash flow history from QuickBooks, then give you personalized cash management insights. You can make better decisions, knowing your cash flow is under control.

A financial analyst on call

A financial analyst on call

QuickBooks + Futrli Predict is like having a financial analyst available 24/7. AI analyzes your QuickBooks data to provide insights about your business’s financial health, then generates a smart, priority-ordered to-do list for you to tackle. 

Financial control room

Financial control room

Once your QuickBooks is integrated into Futrli, you’ll never look back! Create and edit invoices and bills or flick a message to your team or accountant via Slack or Gmail, all thanks to the pushbar (coming soon!) and QuickBooks integration.

But wait! There’s more…

Integrating with QuickBooks is easy and quick. And best of all, it’s free forever, whether you’re a Futrli Pro user or not.

  • Create and edit contacts, invoices and bills and automatically predict payment dates
  • Quick, simple integration connecting your QuickBooks data to Futrli for daily synchronization
  • Collaborate with your team via Slack or Gmail straight from the pushbar (coming soon!)
  • Discover which customers create most business risk
  • Chart customer payment trends and take action
  • Understand your supplier trends and spending habits
  • Rank your customers and suppliers to make better team decisions
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Get Started

Flow and QuickBooks go hand in hand to help you improve your cash flow. Get started with both platforms today.

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