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Slack + Futrli = Your Better Business

Slack is the world’s fastest growing collaboration software for small business teams. Looking for smooth group conversations, easy file sharing and powerful archive searching? Slack is the answer. Soon you’ll be able to integrate it with Futrli, the smartest small business financial platform, to seamlessly bring the right people together with the right information.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team

Make the best decision, faster. Is Facebook advertising performing better than expected? Or maybe your business spent too much and now Futrli’s predicting cash flow problems? Whatever the information, share it with your team on Slack straight from Futrli, and watch your productivity soar.

Seek advice instantly

Seek advice instantly

Spotted something in Futrli that needs further guidance? Don’t waste time on phone calls, email or even switching screens. Get help without ever leaving Futrli - simply send a Slack message to your small business advisor, accountant, lawyer or other trusted person from within our platform.

Message from any screen

Message from any screen

There’s more to integrating Futrli and Slack than just sharing actionfeed posts. If you need to share something, save time by instantly, on-the-spot messaging anyone (or the whole channel) in Slack straight from the Futrli pushbar (coming soon!) on any screen. 

But wait! There’s more…

Slack is ready to use, just hit connect! And best of all, it’s free forever, whether you’re a Futrli Pro user or not.

  • Easily search for and send information directly to users
  • Send messages straight to Slack channels
  • Automatically attach posts to your message to collaborate quickly and easily
  • Add Slack integration to any free actionfeed
  • Use Slack from the pushbar (coming soon!) on any screen with any workflow
Use Slack with Futrli with just one click.

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You need to have access to both Slack and Futrli to enjoy the benefits.

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