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Industry-Leading Cash Flow Software For Xero

Spend your time doing what you love – not doing your finances! Futrli’s simple, trusted, award winning Xero cash flow add-on takes the hassle out of your day-to-day bookkeeping. Don’t waste time switching screens: add the power of Futrli to your existing Xero software to quickly and easily model, forecast and analyze your finances.

Understand your customers

Understand your customers

Customer knowledge determines your business success. The power of Flow lets you create customers and suppliers in Xero, then drill down for smart payment prediction and invoice management.

AI predicted cash flow

AI predicted cash flow

Predict makes forecasting fast and easy. AI analysis of your Xero data gives you insights into your business’s cash flow and financial health. You’ll sleep better knowing your business finances are under control.

Financial control room

Financial control room

Why even open Xero? Futrli lets you do it all! Create and edit invoices and bills or flick your team or accountant a message via Slack or Gmail about that transaction you need to query - thanks to the pushbar (coming soon!) and Xero integration, Futrli is the only place you need to be. 

But wait! There’s more…

Integrating with Xero is simple and fast. And best of all, it’s free forever, whether you’re a Futrli Pro user or not.

  • Create and edit invoices and bills directly using pushbar (coming soon!)
  • Fast and seamless integration to connect your Xero data to Futrli
  • Automatically predict invoice payment dates
  • Chase overdue invoices straight from your actionfeed
  • Know which customers are the riskiest
  • Rank customers and suppliers to make better business decisions
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